Sunday, November 30, 2014

Blog Post 5 Part Two

I have learned a lot about PLN's since the first part of Blog Five! I have been getting a lot familiar with mySymbaloo page! I never thought in a million years that I would be using my account outside of school purposes! I have learned a incredibility amount of useful information that I will share with my family and friends! I learned that just by using different learning networks teachers are still able to connect with people from different parts of the world! I would definitely incorporate Symbaloo in my future classroom!

C4T Final Post

I chose to comment on Ken Halla's Blog I love his blog page! I have found some very useful and interesting information that is would love to use in my future classroom!If there are any history majors please visit his page!

1st Comment:
If you are a middle school teacher (two of my own children are seventh graders) you know that John Green is one of the most prolific early teenager authors.  But he also has a prolific flipped video series with his brother, that are extremely well produced and packed with lots of facts.  If anything, they have too many and move a bit too quickly.   But here are forty-eight US history videos that are either a good intro (think about the main points that I blogged about a few days ago) or a review.  

My Response:Hi, my name is Brittney Henderson I am a student at the University of South Alabama, I'm currently studying to be a history teacher! I really enjoyed watching your video! Students would most definitely be engaged while viewing this video. Also they would learn a lot of important facts about the Native Americans and Spanish! I will definitely being visiting your blog for ideas on my future classroom!

2nd Comment:Admittedly one needs to know a lot more than just vocabulary in economics, but it is certainly a place to start.  So one thing you can do is to have your students use Quizlet to see if they know all of their vocabulary.   Quizlet allows students to use traditional flash cards as well as a number of learning games.  You can even set it up for your class and each student can compete against one another.   Above is an example of the Age of Jackson.  You can choose to make the cards yourself, have your students do so or even just use someone else's as I have done here.  But if you go with the last choice, make sure you like each card.  Alternatively, if you set up an account, you could make a copy of someone else's cards and then make them exactly the way you want them.  

2nd Response:Hello Ken, I love your blog page! I'm learning a lot of useful activities that I that use in my future classroom! I have used Quizlet before and I found it very useful!Using these flash cards will help the students learn the lessons more effectively!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

C4K Final Project 6

Luke's Blog

Luke's Blog post:For my linoleum block project i made an L because that is the first letter in my name. when you do a linoleum block project the steps you take to make one is...... First draw out a sketch of what you want. Then you scribble on the back of your sketch with pencil led. Then redraw the same thing, but this time you need to press really really hard. then you will cut out every part except for the parts that you drew. Lastly you put paint on a roller and paint it. Then you print!

My response:Hey Luke! My name is Brittney Henderson I attend the University of South Alabama! I am currently studying to be a high school history! I was assigned to read our blog post by one of my professor! Luke you have a awesome blog! I really like your linoleum design. Is this your first time making this design? Luke your blog looks great and I hope to see more of your blog posts!

Keaton's Blog Post: Response 1st quarter
      The 1st quarter was full of learning and fun. There was so much that I learned that it stupefied  me. But waking up early in the morning made me slothful . It took an exertion of energy to get up and moving. After I get the urge to get to school Its time two learn.  I feel like a dirge. But once  school starts I am very tranquil. During this quarter I learned about friends and other things like fractions, adjectives, and cells. These are some reasons I loved the 1st quarter and cant weight for the second and all the knowledge it will bring.

My Response:
Hi Keaton! My name is Brittney Henderson, I attend the University of South Alabama! I’m currently studying to become a history teacher! I have to say Keaton you have a awesome blog! I enjoyed reading this blog post! You have a great outlook on your education! It shows through your writing! I love how you incorporated the use your vocabulary words throughout your blog! Do you have different words you learn each month or week? I hope to read more of your blogs soon!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Blog Post 13

Create an assignment for a Blog Post I should have created in your area of specialty (math,
history, elementary ed, special ed, whatever). Write the instructions that I should have put here.

Currently I am studying to became a high school/ middle school social science teacher. I plan to incorporate a lot of Project Based Learning activities with my students. After observing a 10th grade social studies class at Blount High School I noticed the majority of the students where not engaged. I plan on incorporate a lot of modern-day social media themes into my lessons. For example, twitter, Facebook, instragram,etc. Students will NOT be able go the these social networks but, I will incorporate there themes into my lessons. For example, I have located an activity where the students will the responsibility of picking a person who has made a sufficient impact on U.S. history. The students will make a poster displaying the individual they chose. The student will then list some important facts about the person. The students can use some of the appropriate social network lingo such as:TBT( throwback Thursday), HCM( History Crush Monday), LOL( Laugh Out Loud) etc!
Here is an example of the activity InstraHistory

Project 12 SmartBoard Part B