Sunday, August 24, 2014

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What About EDM310?

   I have heard a number of rumors about EDM 310. Some good and of course most bad. Most education majors have mentioned this class is very demanding,and you will have to have great time management skills. My own personal experience with EDM 310 is you do have to have excellent time management skills. This will my third time taking EDM 310 due to personal family issues from previous semesters. I'm very excited about taking this course, and completing it this semester with an "A"!!!!  I can't really think of any fears I may have with EDM 310. The only suggestions I have too over come this class is too dedicate 9 hours for this course and  say a lot of prayers. EDM 310 is definitely by far not your typical college course. I say that in a good way, meaning we are actually learning new techniques with technology too make us better educators.
   The most difficult thing about EDM 310 is time management. I have a planner as well as an alarm set on my phone designed especially for EDM 310!!!! I am excited and eager to complete this semester a passing grade!!!! Third time's a charm!!!!!!!!!!!


Saturday, August 23, 2014

Pratice Post

III.What Do Educators Do
IV. My Passions

   Hello EDM 310!!!!! My name is Brittney Henderson,and I'm a senior here at the University of South Alabama. I'm 25 years old,and currently majoring in secondary education in social sciences. I live with my mom,dad,and handsome son here in Mobile,Alabama. I come from a family of eight educators,all of which are elementary teachers!!! I'm glad to say that I will be the first secondary educator in my family!!!!! The reason I want to be an educator is because I want to make a difference in the lives of today's youth. When I attended high school I remember one teacher that I absolutely loved, because she believed in me,and encouraged me to further my education. I believe educators are not only teachers but counselors as well.
   I want to be a educator that impacts students lives forever. My passions includes reading,yoga and being a mommy!!!!! I recently took a yoga class here at South and loved it!!!!! Yoga is such a huge stress reliever,so I find myself constantly practicing it. My son's name is Jalen,he's 7 years old. He is my everything and I love him too pieces!!!! I love reading autobiographies about a person's life. I find it interesting reading about different individuals lives. I am every excited too see what this semester will bring;also,the new faces I will meet!!!!!!