Sunday, September 28, 2014

Project 6 C4K Summary

#1 post: Eric from New Zealand, shared how to make Spaghetti Bologense! This dish looks very tasty! Eric shared step by step instructions on how to make this spaghetti meal, as well as the indigents needed!

Comment: I commended Eric on his very tasty looking meal! I also asked him if this was his favorite meal! If not what exactly is his favorite dish to prepare! Eric has a very colorful and well organized blog page!

#2 post: Jamaya from Madame High School in  Virginia shared there is a research assignment that is due by the end of the school year. She did not have a good topic to research!

Comment: I asked Jamaya what are somethings that may interest her in school. Research papers does
n't  always have to be boring. As long as you find a good topic that really interests, you I will forget the research paper is actually a assignment!

#3 post: Chance from Iowa  High School wrote about somethings he would change about his school. For instance, he mentioned he would change the time he goes to lunch. Also, what choices that the students have to pick a lunch to  eat. Chance likes pizza  and ranch dipping sauce. He also mentions he would like to sit by his friends at lunch.

Comment: I agreed with the changes he waited to make. We both agreed pizza is one of our favorite foods. I also give him some advice about talking to the person he is assigned to sit next to at lunch time! Maybe they can become new friends!

Project 8 Book Trailer

Post #6

I really enjoyed watching all of Anthony Capps and Dr. Strange videos! This assignment has really given me a insight on the amount of hard work and dedication that goes behind being a "quality educator." I to am one of the students  who only wanted to teach because I love kids. The video I mostly enjoyed watching is The Anthony- Strange Tips for Teachers Part 1 . Dr. Strange mentioned that you have to be a learner and be interested in learning about yourself. What I gained just by that statement is that you must always be willing to learn! I will be the first to admit that I had the whole teaching notion wrong. In order to be a effective quality educator you must to willing to go beyond what the requirements are for your students. Sometimes you may have to put in extra hours after school, just to ensure that you are engaging your students in the educational process.
 The most important factor I took from viewing these videos is to love to put in the hard work. Allow yourself to have fun researching information for your students to learn in the classroom! After the previous blog post assignment about learning what in PBL. I feel after viewing both Project Based Learning Part 1 I feel I have a more definite understanding Project Based Learning is. Mr.Capps strongly exercises Project Based Learning with his students. I also loved the activities that he created with his students that involved PBL. For example, Mr.Capps instructed his students to write a letter to Congressmen Jo Bonner about women serving in military combat. Not only were the students engaged in the project but, the project covered reading standards, writing standards, and social studies content. Most importantly the students loved the project! I'm currently studying to be a middle school social studies teachers so, I found the video about iCurio to be very resourceful to me. Students will have the opportunity to operate a appropriate search engine to research information for papers and projects and, to create a folder to organize their work! I really gained a lot of insight on Project Based Learning from Mr.Capps and Dr. Strange!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Post 5

Much like my classmates I was completely clueless to what exactly PLN meant. After reading and viewing videos I have a pretty descendant insight on,"Personal Learning Networks." Personal Learning Networks consist of people or learning tools to assist you on your learning journey! Basically, the Personal Learning Network is a learning community! The coolest characteristic is that you may interact with individuals WORLDWIDE!!!!! After reading,Developing A Personal Learning Network I really gained a lot of helpful information on PLN. Dr. Strange tells what are the characteristics of PLN's and very helpful resources.
  I chose symbaloo as my PLN source. Symbaloo not only connects you too educational sources but, also entertainment resources as well! I have added EDM 310 blog to my account!!! I am also going to add my teacher from my C4T Mrs Hadley's blog! Now that I have a clearer more detailed explanation on what PLN really mean, I'm ready to connect with people WORLDWIDE to start my learning journey!
Project Based Learning 

Sunday, September 14, 2014


    I was assigned to Mrs. Hadley of Springside Chestnut Hill Academy. Mrs. Hadley is a middle school history teacher who actively participates with her middle school students. The name of Mrs. Hadley blog is called," Middle School Matrix". Every week Mrs. Hadley writes a blog post on what activities she and her students participated in and, she also provides the feedback from her students during their weekly activities. The first blog post I commented is called,Brains Working here. Basically, Mrs.Hadley instructed her students to find a quiet place in the classroom. Then she gave her students 4 minutes to think about other assignment. By isolating the students in their own thoughts; this give them time to reflect to themselves on their answers without being distracted. I believe this is a very effective exercise, because sometimes doing group discussions students can get distracted or influenced b their peers. This exercise gives the student s time to fully think about their assignment and responses.

  Mrs. Hadley blog post I commented on is called,Starting Students with Superpowers> The students were given post -it stickers to wrote down what they were afraid of this school year. Then, the students were to write down what superpowers they wanted this school year. Some students responses where being a good speller; completing homework in a sec; super stamina and understanding. I really liked this exercise as well. I believe in this activity the teacher learns a little more about her students. Mrs. Hadley loves to engage with her students. I have the pleasure reading her interactions with her students through her blog posts!!!!!!!!!! 


Project 15 Search Engines


  •    WolframaAlpha - Is a search engine that provides world facts and calculates data.
Evaluation: Great for people who love math and science!!!!!! Also can be a resource for people who struggle in math and science as well.

  • Sweet Search- Is great for students  need information about biographies or any social studies content. This search engine is ideal for students that may have history assignments or to the person that loves to read biographies.
     Evaluation : This search engine will reduce a lot of time in the library.This search engine is helpful when researching a person biography. Mostly helpful in social studies.

  • Infotopia - Can be used by all grades and subjects. This search engine is a alternative for Google. Not only will students have the option to explore different subject, they can also search images and sounds on Infotopia.
    Evaluation: Infotopia is perfect for people of all ages. This search engine covers all areas taught in school. I would use this for pleasure as well as educational.

  • AOL- Delivers information from current events, checking emails, entertainment, weather, global information and  so forth.
Evaluation: Most reliable for current events happening.

  • Indeed- Helps people find employment and, also can upload resumes
Evaluation: Very current with job openings in different cities and states. Helpful when looking for new employment.

  • Yahoo:Yahoo allows you to cover any information you may be searching for. Yahoo provides past and current information to the user. 
Evaluation: Yahoo is my personal favorite search engine. Everything is available  on this site from stocks to medical questions that you may have.

  • Web Md- Provides medical answers and remedies to individuals. This medical search engine also provides"pill identification", diets,and symptom checker to help individuals with. 
Evaluation: Helpful for any health questions, and also a healthy life style tips.

  • Bing- Connects people through social networks. Is a social network search engine that provides the latest news, weather, entertainment.

  • Evaluation: Great for reconnecting with relatives,classmates and friends!!!!!!!!

Blog Post 4

                                                     Asking Effective Questions

I believe asking questions is just as important as receiving answers. Educators should encourage students to ask questions at all times in the classrooms. We live in a society where asking questions may somewhat be frowned upon. Some people may assume that they know all the answers, simply because no one wants to be looked at as being dumb. As a future educator I want my students to realize that it's perfectly normal to asks questions, and most importantly it's normal for teachers to ask questions as well. Teaching students how to ask questions is very important as well. After reading,The Right Way to Answer Questions in the Classroom I fully understand and, can personally relate to some students feeling intimidated by their peers when they don't want to be called on when the teacher asks them a question. Students should feel comfortable when the teacher calls on them to answer a question. Even if the student calls out the wrong answer the teacher should still give the student positive feedback for trying. This will then make the student more comfortable with raising their hand when they have a question,or simply when the teacher calls on them.

  All students should be given the opportunity to ask and answer questions. I would love for all my students to have confidence in my classroom!!! I believe it's very important for students to have high self-esteem in the classroom.I  have gained a lot of helpful information in the video,Questioning Styles and Strategies. The students were all comfortable answering the instructor's  questions, sharing their thoughts and ideas about the reading and actively participating in the class discussion. The instructor displayed positive feedback to the students responses as well and, he allowed one student to choose a classmate to participate in the next activity. Here are a few pointers I learned about asking questions to be a effective teacher:
Encourage Students to Asks Questions 
  • Asks students open ended questions (to motivate them to answer the question more effectively) 
  • Value Feedback
  • Randomly call on students (not just the same students)
  • Realize questions are just as valuable as their answers


    Sunday, September 7, 2014

    Blog Post 3

    What is Peer Editing:
         I found information from the videos and slide presentations to be very informative. I learned a of very helpful information about editing my peers work. Sometimes students, and classmates may forget to be positive when commenting and critiquing others work. I feel being positive and keeping a positive energy is the key to editing others work without offending their writing. The wonderful presentation is also very informative when editing our peers work. When we are editing our peers writing the slide suggest that we should apply the three rules for critiquing which are: Compilations, Suggests, Corrections.
        I remember when I was in high school, the teacher would tell us to exchange papers with other students. Sometimes the feedback would be a little harsh. Its great to be honest, but in a polite way. The feedback from the students would sometimes leave us discouraged from completing the assignment. I believe we all have experienced one of the ten different students in the video! Working with others is suppose to be a fun and learning experience. I have learned to always be polite and respectable when I am editing students, or my peers work.
    peer editing

    Monday, September 1, 2014

    Blog Post 2

    Mr. Dancealot-

    I really enjoyed watching this video, Mr. Dancealot used modern technology too teach a course made for dancing. His students seem too be confused on his teaching method. I believe the central message for this video is that technology is being integrated though all areas of classes and courses. Although, technology has its many perks, but when teaching a dance course, Mr. Dancelot may would have a better response from his students if he actually "danced". By the conclusion of the video, the students were very confused on their final exam. I really wasn't surprise by their reaction at all. They probably were looking for more of a formal exam;instead, they were given a actual dance with a partner exam. Given how the beginning of the class was instructed, Mr. Dancealot should have leaned toward more of a written exam.

    Teaching in the 21st Century-
    I-  Robert may think that teaching in the 21st century means that students need too know not only answers, but how too find the answers too their questions. Also, how too effectively look for their answers the correct way. 
    II. Robert feels that with technology in classrooms,students should initiate their minds too think of all possible questions and answers. Using technology should drive you too exhaust all possible answers too your educational journey.
    III. As technology in the classrooms rapidly increases students will/do have a lot of information in their possession. I think as a future educator my job will be to teach how too locate the correct and factual information.

    The Networked Student-
    I found this video too be very familiar, especially in the college setting. The network learner basically gathers his/her information though websites,audio,blogs,and the teacher. The student will still need the assistance of the teacher because the teacher provides knowledge of the student approaches a problem. The network learner will need assistance from the teacher with approaching correct information,and also for guidance through the progress of his/her studies.

    Digital Smarts-
    In the Digital Smarts video Ms. Davis uses technology to educate and connect her students to different parts of the world. Ms.Davis uses computers, cell phones, twitter, etc too farther their educational journey. I love Ms. Davis's teaching method. I believe that her teaching methods excites her students too learn from a different learning environment. The students where not only excited about learning too operate the aviators, but they where connecting with students from different parts of the country. 

    Who's Ahead in The Learning Race-
    Its amazing seeing little children in elementary school operating Mac notebooks! I was truly amazed that children as young as kindergartners were operating notebooks correctly and effectively. The way technology is rapidly advancing I believe every school will have access too notebooks in every grade. By watching the video the elementary students are definitely ahead in the learning race!!!!!!!!!

    Flipping the Classroom-
    Flipping the classrooms is a very interesting method of teaching. Students will have the opportunity too get a head start on the material that will be taught in the classrooms. I believe that this method will be very helpful too the students as well as teachers. Students will be more engaged in class discussions on their lesson material.

    Bring The Locker Room To The Classroom
    I can really relate too this article very well. Sometimes we  are so engaged in
    listening too the material the teacher is giving and burping back the information. This article teaches us too use a team approach. Outside of the educational environment we are going too have learn too be a team player. 
    Modern Technology