Saturday, August 23, 2014

Pratice Post

III.What Do Educators Do
IV. My Passions

   Hello EDM 310!!!!! My name is Brittney Henderson,and I'm a senior here at the University of South Alabama. I'm 25 years old,and currently majoring in secondary education in social sciences. I live with my mom,dad,and handsome son here in Mobile,Alabama. I come from a family of eight educators,all of which are elementary teachers!!! I'm glad to say that I will be the first secondary educator in my family!!!!! The reason I want to be an educator is because I want to make a difference in the lives of today's youth. When I attended high school I remember one teacher that I absolutely loved, because she believed in me,and encouraged me to further my education. I believe educators are not only teachers but counselors as well.
   I want to be a educator that impacts students lives forever. My passions includes reading,yoga and being a mommy!!!!! I recently took a yoga class here at South and loved it!!!!! Yoga is such a huge stress reliever,so I find myself constantly practicing it. My son's name is Jalen,he's 7 years old. He is my everything and I love him too pieces!!!! I love reading autobiographies about a person's life. I find it interesting reading about different individuals lives. I am every excited too see what this semester will bring;also,the new faces I will meet!!!!!!

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