Sunday, October 26, 2014

Project 6: C4K for October

Sarah's Blog Sarah's response: think kids should lose recess for bad behavior because kids need to learn if they are goofing around they are not going to get away with it. If there isn’t a punishment kids wont stop what there doing and wont learn there leson. Plus the kids who are missing recess have been given warnings so its not like you do one thing wrong and they miss recess.

 My response:Hi Sarah!!! My name is Brittney Henderson and I attend the University of South Alabama!!! I am currently studying to become a high school history teacher! I was assigned to read your blog post by one on my professors! Sarah I really enjoyed reading this post! You are 100 percent correct about students who have bad behaviors should lose recess. To take away a enjoyable activity due to bad behavior is very understandable! You are a very intelligent young person to acknowledge that there are consequences for bad behavior. I really enjoyed reading your post Sarah!

  Daisy's Blog Daisy's Post:Can anyone guess who this is ? We’ll this blog will tell you about the top ten hardest men in the world

My Response:
Hey Daisy, my name is Brittney Henderson. I attend the University of South Alabama! I was assigned to read your blog! Daisy this is a excellent blog post! I really enjoyed reading all of the people you wrote about! They are all tough in their own ways! My favorite person would have to be Leonid Rogozov! He is pretty tough to remove his own appendix! Ouch! Which person is your favorite one to read about? Keep up the good work Hannah!

Simon's Blog:

Simon Blog Post:why we got capitals

 WALT: Write an explanation telling people what capital letters are and when you use them in writing.

My Response:Hi Simon!
My name is Brittney Henderson, I attend the University of South Alabama to become a high school history teacher! I really enjoyed reading your blog post about using capital letters! Simon, you are a very smart student! I love your rubric also! You have a great knowledge of when to use capital letters! Did you complete your rubric yourself? You did an awesome job Simon!!!!! I really enjoyed reading your blog post.

Smart board Project 12 Part A

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Implications and Teaching Opportunities for Camera Use in Teaching and Learning.

Part A

Smartphones have made a major stamp on different cultures worldwide. Smartphones can not only connect different individuals from different states but, also different countries as well. If not for the use of smartphones, we would not have access to some of the events that take place when the news media is not around capture what's going on in the moment. Smartphones will;eventually, surpass the use of laptops and desktop computers. Majority of today's youth has access to a smartphone or some kind of smart device. Not so long ago smartphones where banned from being used inside of the classroom. Some educators feared that students would cheat or, use their smartphones for inappropriate use.

Now since a vast majority of today's youth has access to a smartphone the roles of using the devices in the classroom are starting to change. After viewing the statistics on the eMarketer,educators are starting to implement ways students can properly use their smart devices in the classrooms. Some students may not have access to a computer at home but, may obtain a smartphone. Which will not count them out from participating in activities that may require some sort of internet connection. Students will have access to different search engines on their devices as well as blogging or, interacting with students worldwide!

Part B

I would allow my students to use their smart devices in my classroom;only for educational purposes of course. I am studying to became a history teacher I would allow my students to Skype with different  students throughout different states and countries. For different projects I would allow my students to use the different search engines I learned about from this class to research information! Students can make video presentations from lessons being taught in the classrooms! Most importantly students can create their own blog from the class! Using smartphones in the classrooms will be very much beneficial for the students as well as the teachers!

Blog Post 8

WOW!!! Is the only word I described about Randy Pausch Last Lecture! Dr. Randy Pausch was a great and intelligent professor! I enjoyed every aspect of his lecture. I truly believe this is the best video I have seen! I have learned a lot life's key elements! I believe this video really up lifted my sense of urgency in life. I for one have experienced a lot of brick walls in my life. Some of those walls I even built for myself. Meaning sometimes we make things harder for yourselves than they really are. Dr. Pausch informed his audience on what to do when you may encounter these walls. Keep Going!!!! Dr. Pausch has taught me from this lecture is to be a good person and, good karma will always follow!! To find the good in people; even if they make you mad. He has taught me from this lecture to always work hard at your dreams and, that is the key to achieving happiness in life. The most important lesson to be learned is to be positive. He spirit expelled happiness.!!! Even in the modest of facing death he was still happy! This lecture will forever live in my heart and, I will share his lecture with family, friends. Most importantly I will share his lecture with my future
students! To always encourage them to live a life of honesty, and perseverance. Somethings in life will not go your way all the time but, persevere through the obstacle. Take criticism honorable;because when people don't criticize you there is a problem. Those are not just classroom lessons,but life lessons!

Last Lecture Quote

C4T #2

My C4T consisted of the same teacher from my previous C4T #1. Mrs. Hadley is a middle school history teacher at Springside Chestnut Hill Academy. The name of her blog is called Middle School Matrix.
The two blog posts I commented on where previous blog posts she made. The blog post is called What Will I Say About Ferguson. Mrs. Hadley shared her approach on how she is going to tackle the events on what happened in Ferguson, Missouri in her classroom. Mrs. Hadley's main goal is to make sure her students feel safe and, that they have a stable environment from all protesting and media in the streets. I commented to Mrs. Hadley on how brave and caring she is as a teacher. Sometimes we often forget on how events such as what happened in Ferguson, Missouri can happen in our own communities. As future educators what measures will we take to keep our students safe from harm's way?

My second comment is from a blog post entitled August Thinking. Mrs. Hadley explains how nervous she still gets when the beginning of the school years approaches! I commented to her that it is amazing that  know matter how long a educator teaches it is still possible for them to be a little anxious! I really enjoyed reading this particular blog post ;because, it's comforting to read about a educator expressing there emotions with the start of a new school year! 

Project 9

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Project 13

Students will compare and contrast the key elements based on the works of,"Hamlet and "The Lion King!"
Students will also have the opportunity to recreate the similarities of both elements using modern technology!