Sunday, October 12, 2014

Implications and Teaching Opportunities for Camera Use in Teaching and Learning.

Part A

Smartphones have made a major stamp on different cultures worldwide. Smartphones can not only connect different individuals from different states but, also different countries as well. If not for the use of smartphones, we would not have access to some of the events that take place when the news media is not around capture what's going on in the moment. Smartphones will;eventually, surpass the use of laptops and desktop computers. Majority of today's youth has access to a smartphone or some kind of smart device. Not so long ago smartphones where banned from being used inside of the classroom. Some educators feared that students would cheat or, use their smartphones for inappropriate use.

Now since a vast majority of today's youth has access to a smartphone the roles of using the devices in the classroom are starting to change. After viewing the statistics on the eMarketer,educators are starting to implement ways students can properly use their smart devices in the classrooms. Some students may not have access to a computer at home but, may obtain a smartphone. Which will not count them out from participating in activities that may require some sort of internet connection. Students will have access to different search engines on their devices as well as blogging or, interacting with students worldwide!

Part B

I would allow my students to use their smart devices in my classroom;only for educational purposes of course. I am studying to became a history teacher I would allow my students to Skype with different  students throughout different states and countries. For different projects I would allow my students to use the different search engines I learned about from this class to research information! Students can make video presentations from lessons being taught in the classrooms! Most importantly students can create their own blog from the class! Using smartphones in the classrooms will be very much beneficial for the students as well as the teachers!

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