Sunday, October 12, 2014

Blog Post 8

WOW!!! Is the only word I described about Randy Pausch Last Lecture! Dr. Randy Pausch was a great and intelligent professor! I enjoyed every aspect of his lecture. I truly believe this is the best video I have seen! I have learned a lot life's key elements! I believe this video really up lifted my sense of urgency in life. I for one have experienced a lot of brick walls in my life. Some of those walls I even built for myself. Meaning sometimes we make things harder for yourselves than they really are. Dr. Pausch informed his audience on what to do when you may encounter these walls. Keep Going!!!! Dr. Pausch has taught me from this lecture is to be a good person and, good karma will always follow!! To find the good in people; even if they make you mad. He has taught me from this lecture to always work hard at your dreams and, that is the key to achieving happiness in life. The most important lesson to be learned is to be positive. He spirit expelled happiness.!!! Even in the modest of facing death he was still happy! This lecture will forever live in my heart and, I will share his lecture with family, friends. Most importantly I will share his lecture with my future
students! To always encourage them to live a life of honesty, and perseverance. Somethings in life will not go your way all the time but, persevere through the obstacle. Take criticism honorable;because when people don't criticize you there is a problem. Those are not just classroom lessons,but life lessons!

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  1. I enjoyed the video as well! He was a very good speaker. I agree that his main message is to be a good person and you will have good things follow you, aka karma. Good post.