Sunday, September 28, 2014

Post #6

I really enjoyed watching all of Anthony Capps and Dr. Strange videos! This assignment has really given me a insight on the amount of hard work and dedication that goes behind being a "quality educator." I to am one of the students  who only wanted to teach because I love kids. The video I mostly enjoyed watching is The Anthony- Strange Tips for Teachers Part 1 . Dr. Strange mentioned that you have to be a learner and be interested in learning about yourself. What I gained just by that statement is that you must always be willing to learn! I will be the first to admit that I had the whole teaching notion wrong. In order to be a effective quality educator you must to willing to go beyond what the requirements are for your students. Sometimes you may have to put in extra hours after school, just to ensure that you are engaging your students in the educational process.
 The most important factor I took from viewing these videos is to love to put in the hard work. Allow yourself to have fun researching information for your students to learn in the classroom! After the previous blog post assignment about learning what in PBL. I feel after viewing both Project Based Learning Part 1 I feel I have a more definite understanding Project Based Learning is. Mr.Capps strongly exercises Project Based Learning with his students. I also loved the activities that he created with his students that involved PBL. For example, Mr.Capps instructed his students to write a letter to Congressmen Jo Bonner about women serving in military combat. Not only were the students engaged in the project but, the project covered reading standards, writing standards, and social studies content. Most importantly the students loved the project! I'm currently studying to be a middle school social studies teachers so, I found the video about iCurio to be very resourceful to me. Students will have the opportunity to operate a appropriate search engine to research information for papers and projects and, to create a folder to organize their work! I really gained a lot of insight on Project Based Learning from Mr.Capps and Dr. Strange!


  1. Hi Brittney! I really enjoyed your post! I like how you discussed the amount of hard work educators have to put into their job. I also enjoyed learning about the activities Mr. Capps used with his students. Make sure to add your alt/title modifiers in your next post for your pictures! Great job overall!