Sunday, September 14, 2014

Blog Post 4

                                                     Asking Effective Questions

I believe asking questions is just as important as receiving answers. Educators should encourage students to ask questions at all times in the classrooms. We live in a society where asking questions may somewhat be frowned upon. Some people may assume that they know all the answers, simply because no one wants to be looked at as being dumb. As a future educator I want my students to realize that it's perfectly normal to asks questions, and most importantly it's normal for teachers to ask questions as well. Teaching students how to ask questions is very important as well. After reading,The Right Way to Answer Questions in the Classroom I fully understand and, can personally relate to some students feeling intimidated by their peers when they don't want to be called on when the teacher asks them a question. Students should feel comfortable when the teacher calls on them to answer a question. Even if the student calls out the wrong answer the teacher should still give the student positive feedback for trying. This will then make the student more comfortable with raising their hand when they have a question,or simply when the teacher calls on them.

  All students should be given the opportunity to ask and answer questions. I would love for all my students to have confidence in my classroom!!! I believe it's very important for students to have high self-esteem in the classroom.I  have gained a lot of helpful information in the video,Questioning Styles and Strategies. The students were all comfortable answering the instructor's  questions, sharing their thoughts and ideas about the reading and actively participating in the class discussion. The instructor displayed positive feedback to the students responses as well and, he allowed one student to choose a classmate to participate in the next activity. Here are a few pointers I learned about asking questions to be a effective teacher:
Encourage Students to Asks Questions 
  • Asks students open ended questions (to motivate them to answer the question more effectively) 
  • Value Feedback
  • Randomly call on students (not just the same students)
  • Realize questions are just as valuable as their answers


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