Sunday, September 7, 2014

Blog Post 3

What is Peer Editing:
     I found information from the videos and slide presentations to be very informative. I learned a of very helpful information about editing my peers work. Sometimes students, and classmates may forget to be positive when commenting and critiquing others work. I feel being positive and keeping a positive energy is the key to editing others work without offending their writing. The wonderful presentation is also very informative when editing our peers work. When we are editing our peers writing the slide suggest that we should apply the three rules for critiquing which are: Compilations, Suggests, Corrections.
    I remember when I was in high school, the teacher would tell us to exchange papers with other students. Sometimes the feedback would be a little harsh. Its great to be honest, but in a polite way. The feedback from the students would sometimes leave us discouraged from completing the assignment. I believe we all have experienced one of the ten different students in the video! Working with others is suppose to be a fun and learning experience. I have learned to always be polite and respectable when I am editing students, or my peers work.
peer editing


  1. Nice post on "Peer editing." It was right to the point, and not too long to lose interest. I like how you included the three main points in bold print, that really helps emphasis the importance of these three words. I also like how you connected this post to your own experience with writing critiques, this seems to really make your post personal, which I think makes a world of difference.

  2. Good post and picture, remember to add in links to the assigned readings/videos :)

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