Sunday, September 28, 2014

Project 6 C4K Summary

#1 post: Eric from New Zealand, shared how to make Spaghetti Bologense! This dish looks very tasty! Eric shared step by step instructions on how to make this spaghetti meal, as well as the indigents needed!

Comment: I commended Eric on his very tasty looking meal! I also asked him if this was his favorite meal! If not what exactly is his favorite dish to prepare! Eric has a very colorful and well organized blog page!

#2 post: Jamaya from Madame High School in  Virginia shared there is a research assignment that is due by the end of the school year. She did not have a good topic to research!

Comment: I asked Jamaya what are somethings that may interest her in school. Research papers does
n't  always have to be boring. As long as you find a good topic that really interests, you I will forget the research paper is actually a assignment!

#3 post: Chance from Iowa  High School wrote about somethings he would change about his school. For instance, he mentioned he would change the time he goes to lunch. Also, what choices that the students have to pick a lunch to  eat. Chance likes pizza  and ranch dipping sauce. He also mentions he would like to sit by his friends at lunch.

Comment: I agreed with the changes he waited to make. We both agreed pizza is one of our favorite foods. I also give him some advice about talking to the person he is assigned to sit next to at lunch time! Maybe they can become new friends!

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