Sunday, November 2, 2014

Blog Post 11

Back to the Future
Mr. Crosby video is very informational. He is a very active and creative teacher with us students. Project Based Learning lessons is also used through out the video. At the beginning of the video some of the students were not knowledgeable on the city, state or, country that they lived in. Which is very disturbing information to see. After, introducing a newer hands-on approach with the students Mr. Crosby received a more positive feedback from his sixth grade students. Each student had access to a personal computer, which allowed them to blog on their classroom blog. The students were able to participate in classroom experiments and share what they had learned with different students from a different country. The best part of the video is when Celeste the student with leukemia was involved with the classroom;even though, she was not physically in the classroom! Mr.Crosby message is for teachers change the method just being taught. Students have to become more involved in their education!

 Blended Learning
Paul Anderson introduces the idea of Blended Learning. Which involves students using mobile, online and classroom learning. Mr. Anderson also uses the method of QUIVERS. In which the students will develop questions, investigate , video ,elaborate and, review.  Students will basically, be responsible for understanding the material being taught while, working with their classmates. At the end of the lesson the teacher will ask them some review questions before they can take start their summary on the lesson. A exam will also be administrated to the students at the end of the lesson as well. Mr Anderson incorporates blended learning as well as traditional methods in his classroom!

Builing Comics
Sam Payne is a fifth grade teacher from Omaha, Nebraska.In this video he teaches his students the importance of digital safety. Mr. Payne instructs his students on the importance of being safe and, not giving away personal information while using the internet. Mr. Payne assigns his students to build a superhero based on being cautious when using the internet. Not only is Mr. Payne teaching the importance of safety being used on the internet but, he is also meetings his lesson standards as well!.At the end of the activity the students will take a glance at their classmates superheros! The students then can create more ideas to add to their comic strip but reviewing their peers work!

Project Based Learning
In this video two educators took the role to merge history and English together in one classroom. The students will have more time to focus on the material and content being studied. Students had more time to expand their thinking and idea to their assignments. This method of teaching helps both the students to collaborate effectively together as well as with the educators

Roosevelt Elementary PBL
This video starts off by sharing the definition and the importance of PBL. Students are learning to work with their classmates collaboratively to solve real life problems. The students are taught at a very early age about public speaking as well as other 21 century skills. The students are learning to collectively and individually. PBL sparks the students hunger to want to learn. Students are not just sitting down in a chair all day. PBL creates a spark for in the students to ask questions and explore their answers


  1. Well Brittany, I must say that you have done quite a thorough job with all of the sources. However, I would highly recommend that you spend a tad more time checking the grammar of your posts. Your ideas are confidently stated and follow a clear stream of logic, but the wording could be improved. Either way, I did enjoy reading your post, and I look forward to seeing more from you.