Sunday, November 9, 2014

C4T #3

Post one

My first blog post  I commented on was about persistence. The blog post was from a educator named Bill Genereux. His central message was about teaching students to never give up on a idea of anything that they believe in. He shared that he had rejections and obstacles he had to overcome in his career.

My reply:
  Hello Bill!
My name is Brittney Henderson, I attend the University of South Alabama! I am currently studying to become a secondary social science teacher. I enjoyed reading your blog post! I really understand the message you conveyed about persistence! You have sent the message on this blog post to persevere though obstacles. Even of the answer is no! Your message reminds me of Randy Pausch’s Last Lecture,” about what to do when you hit a brick wall.I also agree that students must learn to be persistence, and no is not the final answer if its something you believe in.
Here is a link to my blog page
Brittney’s blog

Post consisted on a 2- hour Stars Wars video he and his media students created! I really enjoyed the movie! I recommend you watch it. Very creative!

My reply:
Hi Bill! This is Brittney Henderson from the University of South Alabama! I have to admit I am not a big Star Wars fan but, I really enjoyed this video! You and your students did a awesome job with the animations of this video! I love how to use different surroundings to reenact the same parts of the video! Your son eating the rib is adorable!!!

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