Sunday, November 23, 2014

C4K Final Project 6

Luke's Blog

Luke's Blog post:For my linoleum block project i made an L because that is the first letter in my name. when you do a linoleum block project the steps you take to make one is...... First draw out a sketch of what you want. Then you scribble on the back of your sketch with pencil led. Then redraw the same thing, but this time you need to press really really hard. then you will cut out every part except for the parts that you drew. Lastly you put paint on a roller and paint it. Then you print!

My response:Hey Luke! My name is Brittney Henderson I attend the University of South Alabama! I am currently studying to be a high school history! I was assigned to read our blog post by one of my professor! Luke you have a awesome blog! I really like your linoleum design. Is this your first time making this design? Luke your blog looks great and I hope to see more of your blog posts!

Keaton's Blog Post: Response 1st quarter
      The 1st quarter was full of learning and fun. There was so much that I learned that it stupefied  me. But waking up early in the morning made me slothful . It took an exertion of energy to get up and moving. After I get the urge to get to school Its time two learn.  I feel like a dirge. But once  school starts I am very tranquil. During this quarter I learned about friends and other things like fractions, adjectives, and cells. These are some reasons I loved the 1st quarter and cant weight for the second and all the knowledge it will bring.

My Response:
Hi Keaton! My name is Brittney Henderson, I attend the University of South Alabama! I’m currently studying to become a history teacher! I have to say Keaton you have a awesome blog! I enjoyed reading this blog post! You have a great outlook on your education! It shows through your writing! I love how you incorporated the use your vocabulary words throughout your blog! Do you have different words you learn each month or week? I hope to read more of your blogs soon!

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  1. Hey Brittany, Great job on your Comment for kids!!! I can tell you truly enjoy reading the kids blog post.