Sunday, November 2, 2014

Project 14

Project 14 consists of my group members creating a PBL for special education. This lesson plan will focus on teaching special education students on how to count money! The lesson plan will take up one school week in which students will participate in various of learning activities.  First, students will be introduced to the values of money.Students will be introduced to a fun song called Money Song. On days two and three students will  be working on different worksheets.Also, we will be allowing them to play fun money counting games on their iPad! Online Games Worksheets On the fourth day students will be playing a fun grocery shopping game! This game we found online is great for special education students! Game On the last day the entire class will divided into groups of four. Each group will be given a total of 20 dollars. The different teams will agree on different items that they chose to spend their money on. The students will earn money by having good behaviors. This lesson not only teaches the skill of counting money,but also being rewarded for good behaviors.  The lesson plan will be modified to accommodate students with different IEPs.

Project Overview

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